Friday, 1 December 2006

Shepherd's Pie

As the immortal song goes 'SHEPHERD'S PIE...180 degres for 35 minutes' etc etc You know the score.

Well, I made shepherd's pie for the first time in a few years tonight and it reminded me of food I used to eat when I was a kid but I haven't seen around for ages. Do any of the following jog your memory?

'United' chocolate biscuits

Angel Delight

Mr Men yoghurts (Mr Upperty's chocolate was a personal favourite of mine)

Mini Kievs by Bernard Matthews

Call me a cynic, but Heinz's 'announcement' a couple of years ago that they were going to stop production of Salad Cream and the resultant 'public outcry' could be construed to be a under-handed method of increasing sales for an aging product. But...if you could see any childhood food brands released back onto supermarket shelves across England, sorry, Tescoland, which ones would they be?

Let me know, coz I know this guy who knows this chap who could...

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Let's get it started

Right, without further ado, I hereby invite you all to post some of the most taxing, strange and down right leftfield questions and I'll give it my best shot in answering them.

Whilst you're thinking about a few ideas, here's a nice picture of a Tibetan Fox for you to enjoy. Marvel at the 'human-esque' nature of his face - those regal features, high cheekbones, strangely shaped eyes.


Welcome to my blog, which should hopefully provide a bit of a forum to talk about a few things.

As a blogging virgin, don't expect the slick-rick approach here - just the odd post when I can remeber that it exists and a bit of involvement from you too.

Here we go...