Friday, 1 December 2006

Let's get it started

Right, without further ado, I hereby invite you all to post some of the most taxing, strange and down right leftfield questions and I'll give it my best shot in answering them.

Whilst you're thinking about a few ideas, here's a nice picture of a Tibetan Fox for you to enjoy. Marvel at the 'human-esque' nature of his face - those regal features, high cheekbones, strangely shaped eyes.


Anonymous said...

"regal features, high cheekbones, strangely shaped eyes."
... Tibetan Fox or description of blog author?

John Payne said...

Oh wise one, here you go then...

Where does the surname Payne originate from?

I always thought it originated from the french word 'pan' meaning 'bread'. For my ancestors to therefore have the surname Payne would probably mean they were breadmakers.

No doubt your just going to log straight onto Wikipedia to find out!

Jon Priestley said...

Right, Mr Payne - Or is that really your name?

Your name is in fact 'paine' - the original spelling of the surname, which, according to a variety of different sources (not including Wikipedia, cheeky) means 'country dweller'.

John Payne said...

Country dweller?!

What did they do?

Anonymous said...

They worked on the land, primarily shucking corn and making nibbled wheat germ.